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Method 1Roll 4d6 but take sum of highest three dice for each characteristic.
Method 2Roll 3d6 and determine the sum. Repeat this a total of fifteen times. The player keeps the highest six sums and distributes them how he/she pleases.
Method 3Roll 5d4 and calculate the sum for each characteristic, but sums greater than 18 are set to 18.
Method 4Roll 4d4, calculate the sum of the 4 dice, and add two for each characteristic.
Method 5Choose a character (class/race), roll 4d6 (sum of highest three dice) for each characteristic, racial bonuses are applied, and minimum values are awarded if not rolled.
Method 6Roll 3d6 for each characteristic and 10 bonus points can be distributed among the characteristics. When adding bonus points, no characteristic can increase past 16.