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Updated June 19th, 2024 

    The realm is filled with magic. That which can and cannot be seen is magic because it is the duality between Desamar and Sesamar. Learn about it here.

Magic-User, Crystal ball, Permission by Scott Hibberson on April 23rd, 2024
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DetectingWeapons with this imbuement can detect something (traps, evil, lie, ...). Usually, the weapon has to be within 30 feet for the detection to work. When the detection occurs, the weapon can glow, vibrate, or otherwise make an indication to the wielder of the weapon.
RevealingThis magical imbuement targets a certain type of foe (giant, goblin, demon, ...). When the weapon is within 100 yards of such creature, it lightly glows. If such creature is within 30 feet of the weapon, it glows noticeably brighter, but a gentle glow nonetheless.
Hiding ScriptRelaying secret information is vital. It allows secrets to be transmitted to others without raising suspicions. This information could be details within a map, part of a configuration in a diagram, hidden text in a manuscript, ... The hidden information is revealed by one of a variety of triggers, like being exposed to moonlight or light from a certain candle material. Sometimes the hidden information can be shown by saying certain words. The trigger is known by the creator of the secret and the intended recipient.
SlayingTo hit a certain type of creature (dragon, giant, human, ...) with this weapon causes the creature to die. This magic is powerful, but it is fragile. Each weapon can use this ability only once and then it dissipates. This imbuement was invented as a result of the Age of Salamundi to defeat an onslaught of dragons in the realm. It is rumored that dragon slaying weapons are specially marked with either a symbol, wing, or scale.
 When a spell is cast, it comes from one of the eight schools.

protect things
make things appear
know things
enhance things
destroy things
things are different
dark things
alter things

To find access to actual spells, go to Spells. Specific spell information will be useless to non-spellcasters

Card ReadingThese practitioners make their own cards. The cards are always ornate, colorful, and contain a variety of symbols. When doing a reading for someone, the reader will talk with the person, make physical contact and/or look into the person's eyes. Then the reader will shuffle the cards and then pull cards. The cards will be placed in certain patterns while revealing and not revealing cards, as the ritual requires. The reader will then either make a prediction, reveal something about someone's past, ... Sometimes a reader may introduce exotic incense, a holy relic, or something else to draw upon ambient magic. Readers may not always be 100% accurate with their reports, but renown readers are more accurate than those who are not.
SeeingThese are special humanoids, appropriately called Seers, who are born with the gift of visions: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, ... These senses can bridge space, time, and planes.
SingingThese are special musicians with special insights. They write trance-inducing lyrics and then perform them for an audience with special flare. The results can bring the listener to a certain state, like being soothed, gaining insight, receiving a charm, gaining a suggestion, ... Many times, the performer will add visual effects (revealing their body, making gestures, waving material, ...) along with their performances. It is entirely possible a performer is unaware of their own abilities. There may or may not be malicious intent.
MoonstonesIt is a certain type of stone that radiates a glow at night. To "charge" a stone, one need only expose it to a full moon for a few hours. These naturally occurring stones can be found across the realm. They are extremely popular in magical groves, like areas within the Great Forest and Brightwood. However, they are practically nonexistent in Dreadwood and evil occupied areas of the Eastern Lands.
CheiliaCheilia, or Aphrodite's "lips," are magical. It is a plant that grows on the island of Aphrodite. They bloom every third month. People make the flowers from these plants into tea, create what they believe to be love potions, and introduce it to wine to give it a refreshing bouquet and flavor.