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Updated August 4th, 2023 



White Water River, Western Lands

As one nears it, the heavy sound of fast-moving water becomes louder. To see it is to behold an epically wide, unnatural torrent of clear blue water. While there are calmer tidal pools, it would only be madness that would drive someone to attempt passage. Rumors say angry sea demons patrol the river.

The White Water River is impassible. The cold rushing river is too tumultuous for boats and swimmers. Nothing can cross the river and no animal cares to fly over it. It must be magical and by design, so it is thought.

Due to the nature of the river, it is assumed there are no fish in it. No fisherman has been able to catch anything in the river, save for fallen wood.

West of Vilmer, a small keep has been raised on the east bank of the river. This keep is the centralized location where Nithnamarian representatives (magic-users and druids) come to study the river and keep a watchful eye on it.