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Updated April 28th, 2024 


Socioeconomics:Poor, Militerized Encampments
Ruling Body:See City of Astor
Maps:Surrounding City

The wall is vigilantly militarized with a variety of troops. Representation from Astor, Vilmer, and Kornas are at the ready with pikemen, swordmen, and archers. Several new catapults line the wall at a measured distance. Non-militarized personnel are kept far from the wall.

Wall of Castillon, Western Lands, Google Gemini
Wall of Castillon, Western Lands
The Wall of Castillon is a barrier that prevents a hoard of Rastilian lizardmen from killing humans in the Western Lands. It rests between the White Water River and the White Cliffs, south of Astor. Astorian fighters man the wall to prevent it from being damaged or crawled over by the foul green slitherers. Astorian forces are supported by Vilmeran armor.

The wall is 40 feet high and 12 feet thick. However, lizard men have been known to have siege strategies. They bring ladders, towers, and crude catapults. The largest concern is the number of lizard men that attack. It is feared they will overrun the wall guardsmen due to a huge overwhelming force.