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Socioeconomics:Mixed, Mainly Working Class
Ruling Body:Yet to Be Determined
Maps:Surrounding City
Rumors:See below

Vilmer, Western Lands, Google Gemini
Vilmer, Western Lands

Vilmer rests south of the Weston Mountains. Like the Bolalians, these people are rugged and independent. They are also innately curious about the river, called White Water River. It rages southward and it is to the west of Vilmer.

The river moves so fast nothing can sail on it or swim in it. Attempts have been made to sail it, but boats are quickly swept up in its currents and smashed on rocks. Despite all attempts to cross the river, none have been made successfully. No human can cross it; no flying creature desires to fly over it.

Due to the seemingly magical nature of White Water River, Vilmer is often frequented by magic-users and druids. They attempt to understand the river, what is on the other side, and the magic properties of the raging river.

Vilmeran are also very cognizant of the need to support the Astorians struggle against the lizard people. Vilmeran fighters are especially proficient fighting on horseback. It has a breed of horse, called the Vildoon. These horses with blue manes are hardy, quick steeds, but they depend on a special diet and preparation secret to the Vilmeran.

Vilmer emerges from the rugged embrace of the mountains, its existence seemingly carved from the very rock itself. Occasional pastures dot the surrounding landscape, rumored to be home to the enigmatic Vildoon, a reclusive purple-maned horse, rarely glimpsed by outsiders. To the north, a wall of jagged peaks pierces the sky, a stark contrast to the verdant expanse of the Great Forest that unfurls to the northeast.

An unmistakable scent of burnt steel hangs in the air, a constant reminder of Vilmer's industrious heart. The rhythmic clang of hammer on anvil echoes through the streets, a symphony of labor that speaks of the city's dedication to its purpose. The people here are a practical lot, their faces etched with the lines of hard work and dedication. While they offer a gruff hospitality to travelers, their primary focus remains on their duties, one vital task to feed the necessary armor and weapons south to Astor.

A veil of mystery shrouds the White Water River that rushes past Vilmer's western edge. Its unnatural swiftness and the magical energy that crackles around it draw the attention of cloaked visitors, their eyes filled with a mixture of curiosity and trepidation. No boat dares navigate its turbulent waters, and the secrets the river holds remain stubbornly out of reach.

The general atmosphere of Vilmer is tolerant of all non-evil alignments, so long as the loose set of city rules are followed.

It is known for its border with White Water River, pine trees, ore (iron, bauxite, platinum), coal, siltstone, Vilmeran Steel, archers, woods, horses (called Vildoon), and goats. It grows fruits (apples, pears, apricots, cherries) and vegetables (lettuce, peas, beets, cabbage, and carrots).

Notable Inns/Taverns: The Vil'doom (I), Horseshoe Harry's (T), and Swift Drink (T).

The Vil'doom (Inn)
This inn is ever-present with Vildoon (horses) and the archers who ride them. The innkeeper is a former Vildoon archer, named Tor-Reed Windrider. He is in his 40s, stands at 5'6", and has a sharp gleam in his eyes. He is quick to chat about stories of his days of old riding a Vildoon, fighting lizard men.

The rooms are simple.

Horse Shoe
Rooms 1-10
These are small rooms. They contain a medium bed (sleeps two comfortably), chests with blankets, and a chamber pot.1s pp
Rooms 1-6
These rooms are 50% larger than hoof rooms. They also contain a large bed (sleeps three comfortably), chest with blankets, and a chamber pot.2s pp
Rooms 1-10
These rooms are larger than the saddle rooms, but there are two large beds in adjoining areas. It comes with chests with blankets and a chamber pot.5s pp

These specialty foods and drinks are available here.

Goat MeadThis is a hearty mead made with goat's milk.2s
VildoonThis is a light ale. The locals call it Vildoon piss, but despite the name it is refreshing.1s
Goat StewTender goat meat from local markets is prepared with cabbage, onions, peas and a white wine.2s
Pork RibsFrom the finest Astor pigs, these ribs are cooked tender in sweet tomato sauce. It is served with a boiled cabbage.2s
Beef PieLocal beef is mixed with vegetables and seasoning and made into a pie. The pie-crust is said to be worth the try.1s

Horseshoe Harry's (Tavern)
Benjamin "Harry Horseshoe" Hammerson used to make horseshoes for the Vildoon. He was a ferrier. While occasionally his skilled services are in need under special circumstances, he used his gains to open a tavern. He spends his time mostly running the tavern. Ben stands at 5'4", has thick curly brown hair, and he is thick and muscular.

These specialty foods and drinks are available here.

Goat AleThis is a light ale made with goat's milk.1s
Vilmir AleThis is a dark ale. It has pine overtones.1s
Beats MeThis is a semi-sweet ale made from beets. Ben sometimes calls it "Lizard Blood," but he hasn't had much success by that name. He cannot figure out why that is.1s

Swift Drink (Tavern)
Corland Swiftson owns and operates this establishment with his wife Ferra and kids, Jarra, Glen, and Misha. They all have black hair. The bar is clean and efficient: "The quickest brew in town." The bar is nothing special in appearance, however.

These specialty items that are available here.

Goat AleThis is a light ale made with goat's milk.1s
Vilmir AleThis is a dark ale. It has pine overtones.1s


  • Lake Mystic is a large body of water that resides to the west in the Great Forest. It is said several nymphs live near its still waters. To find this lake, one need only follow the northern river that flows to Vilmer. Many Vilmeren believe it has something to do with the nymphs and dryads who bath in the lake. Some think it is due to the magical nature of the lake itself.
  • The vildoon may be fed a special diet, which gives them their heartiness and fortitue. However, the real ingredient that assists the vildoon is the river water that flows from Lake Mystic.
  • A common nightmare that children have in Vilmer is of ghastly, winged creatures who have grotesque faces. They get attacked in their beds by these leathery beasts, only to awaken to house creaks and whistling wind gusts.