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Socioeconomics:Working Class and Small Number Affluent
Ruling Body:Yet to Be Determined
Maps:Surrounding City

The dwarves of Tolan love their ores and treasures almost as buch as they love beer and battles with bugbear. While they are the natural enemies of goblins and kobolds, they find the existence of bugbears to be an affront to life itself, due to their hideous appearance, foul smell, and evil ways. Yet, the nickname "mountain misers" is one that may accurately describe Tolan dwarves for their sometimes selfish character trait.

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Mountain dwarves built their dwellings within the mountainsides and within the Stocky Mountains. They reside south of the Bulgous (bugbears), southwest of the Goblin Lands, and north of Mayland. They are very reclusive and are compelled to horde their findings.

Since dwarves, goblins, and kobolds are subterranean, they have been known to accidentally dig into each other's areas. This has led to great battles and wars, which continue to this day.

Tolan is known for ore (copper, gold, nickel), coal, precious metals, granite (red, black/white), quartzite (green and yellow), beer, mining, and hearty, serious dwarves. Mountain dwarves have white hair.

If you want to know more about Tolan, you'll have to ask a hill dwarf or a human from Xon who has a talkative hill dwarf friend.

Mountain dwarves trade with the dwarves of Xon. They interact with Quelilesteron. Sometimes they trade with Mayland and Harrow, but rarely with Loralanthalith.