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Updated June 23rd, 2024 



Sea of Fate, deep dream generator

The Sea of Fate is a vast body of water separating the Eastern and Western Lands.

The Sea of Fate lives up to its name, a churning expanse of water notorious for its volatility. It's an unforgiving sea where chaos reigns, a constant dance between serenity and fury. Sudden typhoons erupt with devastating force, spinning waterspouts rise like vengeful fingers, and unpredictable currents toy with even the most seasoned navigators.

Direct crossings are known to be hazardous due to several factors:

  • Unpredictable Currents: Swirling currents can drastically alter a ship's course, leading them astray.
  • Typhoon Activity: The region is prone to sudden and violent storms, posing a significant threat to even the most seasoned sailors.
  • Waterspouts: The swirling of air and water form tornadic columns of destruction.
  • Underwater Dangers: Legends speak of monstrous creatures lurking in the depths, though confirmed sightings are rare.
  • Pirate Activity: Marauding pirates frequently target unsuspecting vessels, particularly in the southern regions.

Due to these dangers, most maritime traffic opts for the safer coastal routes. The northern route, offering the protection of a Chain of Islands, is considered the most efficient and reliable passage between the Eastern and Western Lands. Conversely, the southern route, which passes near the volcanic island of Vulcanus, is riddled with dangers, including hostile creatures (lizardmen, gnolls, hobgoblins) and a heightened presence of pirates.

Historical records suggest that before the elements became chaotic -- the nature of this shift in nature unclear -- direct crossings were more common. These voyages likely utilized a network of small, inhabited islands for trade and resupply. The current status of these islands and their inhabitants remains unknown.

Confirmed aquatic life within the Sea of Fate includes:

  • Subdivided into regional populations based on hair color (red in the north, black in the south, blonde in the southwest), there is the existence of mermen. These elf-fish hybrids primarily reside in underwater territories and rarely interact with surface vessels.
  • Dolphins and whales are known to inhabit the Sea of Fate.
  • Sightings of hippocampi (horse-like creatures), giant sea snakes, and giant squid have been reported.