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Updated August 5th, 2023 



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The Sea of Fate is a large body of water. Direct crossing is prevented for a multitude of reasons: swirling currents, typhoons that emerge from the skies, monsters that dwell below the sea, and marauding pirates. Ships that do attempt passage straight across the sea have often been destroyed.

The only way to safely traverse the sea is to follow the coast. Following the northern coast and along a Chain of Islands is always the safest and fastest journey. This northern route is very safe. However, the southern route via Vulcanus is ripe with pirates, attacks from lizard men, gnolls, hobgoblins, and orcs. The southern route is insanely risky, from which few sailors have returned.

Before the elements became chaotic, mariners used to sail directly across. They would stop at small inhabited islands for trade. It is unknown if those islands exist or if they are inhabited. If they are inhabited, they have not seen any supply ships for a very long time.

The Sea of Fate is home to aquatic life. There are mermen. The mermen to the north have red hair. Mermen to the south have black hair. Mermen to the southwest have blonde hair. Mermen rigidly stick to their underwater regions.

Other interesting inhabitants include dolphins, whales, hippocampi, giant sea snakes, and giant squid.