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Updated April 13th, 2024 



Ruins of Hune, Eastern Lands, neural love, cc0
Ruins of Hune, Eastern Lands
The Runes of Hune is a fallen city. It was destroyed during the Age of Salamundi (5th age) by dragons. It was once occupied by orcs until an allied force of human, elf, and dwarf killed every orc in it. Due to persistent threats from other areas, neither human, elf, nor dwarf was able to rebuild it.

Left unoccupied, sinister forces seized it. Now this once great city is home to an innumerable number of undead: skeletons, zombies, and worse.

The Ruins of Hune rests between the human city of Vullaria to its south and the elf city of Evandelith to the north.

Due to the nature of Hune - its labyrinth of dungeons that rest underneath it - there exists hidden treasurers there. Gold, silver, magic, ... Is it worth the risk of upsetting the hordes of undead and possibly the necromancers that lurk here?