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Ruins of Hune, Eastern Lands, neural love, cc0
Ruins of Hune, Eastern Lands
Hune was a diverse city. It was a city where humans, wood elves, and hill dwarves coexisted with commerce and kindness. This harmony was desperately needed after the struggles and sacrifices that occured during the Age of Neltinus (4th age).

Hune now rests in ruin. It was destroyed during the Age of Salamundi (5th age) by a weyr of dragons. After its destruction, orcs found a foothold in it for over a decade. Their stay was abruptly halted when an allied force of humans, elves, and dwarves killed every irredeemably evil orc in it. After the orcs were dispatched, the allied forces were unable to raise it due to persistent threats from kobolds, goblins, ogres, and hobgoblins elsewhere.

The wind whispers secrets through the shattered remnants of Hune. Once a gleaming city of hope and prosperity, it now stands as a skeletal monument to a forgotten age. Broken columns pierce the sky like twisted, accusing fingers, their surfaces etched with the gnawing caress of time and clinging moss. Stone statues, once grand and imposing, now crumble under the weight of neglect, their empty sockets like vacant eyes staring sightlessly into eternity.

Beneath this decaying surface, Hune hides a grim secret -- a labyrinth of forgotten dungeons. These shadowed halls, untouched by the cleansing light of day, hold the echoes of a bygone era. Here, within these cold, moss-slick chambers, lie forgotten treasures -- glinting gold, chests overflowing with silver, ancient tomes filled with forbidden knowledge, and artifacts imbued with potent magic.

But these riches are not unguarded. The restless dead stalk the corridors of Hune's buried heart. Hordes of shambling zombies, their flesh barely sticking to the bone, moan the song of endless hunger. Skeletal legions, their hollow eyes flickering with an unnatural light, stand sentinel over a cornucopia of coin. And behind it all, lurking in the deepest shadows, are the architects of this grim tableau -- the necromancers. These twisted sorcerers, their hearts as cold as the tombs they preside over, command this undead army, their dark will the only law that governs these decaying halls.

Those who dare trespass into Hune do so at their peril. The promise of riches beckons, but the cost of claiming them is paid in blood and sanity. For within the ruined heart of Hune lies a chilling truth: some treasures are best left buried.

Left unoccupied, insidious forces seized it. Now this once great city is home to an innumerable number of undead: skeletons, zombies, and worse.

The Ruins of Hune rests between the human city of Vullaria to its west and the elf city of Evandelith to the north.

Due to the nature of Hune -- the labyrinth of dungeons that rest underneath it -- there exists hidden treasurers there. Gold, silver, magic, ... Is it worth the risk of upsetting the hordes of undead and possibly the necromancers that lurk here?