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Updated August 4th, 2023 



Quelilesteron, Eastern Lands

At the entrance to the gnome city is an unassuming cave, and a large iron gate. Just past the gate, inside the city, is a large and winding maze aimed to slow down any would-be invaders. The city itself consisted of many cavern chambers connected by winding tunnels. The city's appearance is organic, carved smoothly into the stone. Some buildings appear as simple piles of rocks but are in fact masterfully carved to appear so. Like all cities, it has a marketplace, taverns, and religious buildings.

This is less of a city as it is a collection of clans. They are gentle creatures who like to fiddle with small things. They like making trinkets, small gizmos, mining, and humming/singing the same happy tune, over and over and over again.

These gnomes trade with Mayland, Harrow, Xon, Tolan, Evandelith, and Loralanthalith. They are skittish around humans, but do allow benign human travelers into their realm.

Quelilesteron is known for its trinkets, gems, onyx, gizmos, mathematics, tricks, pranks, breads, ales, and jokes (laughter).

If you want to know more about Quelilesteron, talk to a hill dwarf or a human from Xon who has a talkative hill dwarf friend.