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Updated June 22nd, 2024 


Purchased on April 4th, 2024 from Eugene Jaworski
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Pokon used to be a thriving mountain dwarf subterranean home in the Stocky Mountains. When a huge regimen of kobalds attacked Pokon, it was lost to the kobalds.

The mountain dwarves of Tolan still blame the hill dwarves of Xon for this loss because the dwarves of Xon did not come to their aid. However, the dwarves of Xon maintain they were unable to help due to a logistic issue of position in the mines. They also claim Tolan's dwarves were divided because they had to deal with goblin conflicts to the east. The argument will likely never be solved, which means there is a sour disposition between the two subraces of dwarves.

Pokon, once a proud statement to dwarven industry and craftsmanship, now stands as a monument to fallen glory. Claimed by the reptilian kobolds, the city has fallen into ruin. These creatures, driven by a base hunger for resources, see no value in the intricate carvings or the towering edifices that once housed a thriving dwarven civilization. Utility reigns supreme -- grand halls lie empty, their purpose forgotten, while utilitarian tunnels snake further and further into the earth, the insatiable appetite of the kobolds the sole driving force.

Moss creeps across the grand statues that adorned the city's exterior, their expressions of dwarven deities obscured by a verdant veil. Weeds sprout from between the meticulously crafted stones, a silent reminder to the neglect that has choked the goodness out of Pokon. Dwarves who once called this city home return only to weep at its current state -- a poignant reminder of a glorious past devoured by combination of savagery and greed.

Fortunately, the two subraces still conduct in trade; so, all is not yet lost. Also, the subraces of dwarves do rest their quarrels when uniting against common foes, like goblins, bugbears, and kobolds.

The kobolds here are very numerous. Like the dwarves of Tolan, their mines run very, very deep.

Kobolds routinely attack the dwarves of Tolan and Xon and sometimes team up with bugbears, too.