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Socioeconomics:Working Class and Affluent
Ruling Body:Conclaves of Nithnamar
Maps:Surrounding City
City Closeup
Rumors:See below

The rough terrain is made manageable by roads that lead in and out of this city. The buildings are well cared for but overshadowed by the three towers that stretch high into the air. The tallest and most impressive is smooth and white. The others are grey, but one is choked in vines.

The city is dominated by eclectic, robed spellcasters and a heavy militarized presence.

Nithnamar, Western Lands, deep dream generator, free
Nithnamar, Western Lands

Nithnamar is the name of its prominent tower -- one of three towers. It is a grand, white tower (made from Loralanthalithian marble) that houses scrolls, spell books, and artifacts. The followers of Nithnamar who study magic dwell here.

Access to the tower by non-followers is not permitted. Initiates of Nithnamar pay a heavy price to learn here. Initiates are either sponsored or are independently wealthy.

The three towers are symmetrically and magically bound. Their position next to each other is symbolic to the honor which is given to Sesamar and Desamar. The lesser towers are named Hybithnius and Kragnan. Hybithnius is the civilized capitol for practitioners of nature magic. Kragnan is devoted to devine magic. Consequently, clerics, druids, and magic-users come and go here.

All magics that are to be learned here are of a good nature. Any magic meant for evil is not allowed. Anyone practicing evil magic here would be barred from returning and their name marred (or worse).

The Towers of Nithnamar are guarded by the fighters of Bolalius and paladins of Kornas. The name of the city also relates to the governing body that elects the King of Sesamar, called the Conclaves of Nithnamar

The Black Cliffs east of the towers offer a natural protection. There is only a narrow opening to/from the sea, making it an easy area to defend.

The tower Hybithnius cultivates the most diverse growth of plants in the human world.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: The Black Dragon (I) and The Grand Circle (T).

The Black Dragon (Inn)
The exterior of the building is like the others, but it is black. The black wooden sign is laden with a dragon's head, mouth menacingly agape, white fangs shown and piercing yellow eyes are almost glowing.

The inn may appear simple, but its history and location make it a sought-after place to stay for the night. A bar runs along the far wall and in front of it rests several large tables. A narrow stairway is to the right to its rooms.

Dragon's BloodThis red wine is served warm. Varieties include cinnamon, anise, or cloves.3s
Dragon's TearsThis white wine is served cool. It is made with pumpkins, honey, and oranges.3s
BeerHops from Nithnamar, these types are available: nutty, hoppy, or high alcohol and semi-sweet.2s
AleThis is a cloudy, fruity semi-sweet, high alcohol ale.1s
Fish DishThis is freshly caught fish (halibut, tuna, yellowtail, cod, sea trout), usually served with steamed vegetables, and a potato.2s
Pork RoastIt is tender meat served with carrots and potato.5s

The rooms it has available are described below.

Rooms 1-10
These rooms are tiny. They contain a medium-sized bed. They sleep up to 2 people (tightly). These rooms are separate from the higher end rooms.1s pp
Rooms 1-5
These rooms are twice the size of the Wyrmling rooms. They contain a large bed (carved wooden posts, sleeps 3), chest of blankets, and a chamber pot.3s pp
Great Wyrm
Rooms 1-3
These rooms are lavish. They contain a large bed (carved dragon motif, black, sleeps 3 comfortably), chest of blankets, and a chamber pot.1g pp

The Grand Circle (Tavern)
It is marked with a sign that contains a raised circle and the letter "G" rests in its center.

The inn is simple, but the theme is ever-present in the tavern: circles. They are everywhere. The tables are circles. The bar is a semi-circle. The shuddered windows are circular. Everything is circular.

The WheelIt is made from honey. Its mead. The name and mug depicts the drudgery of daily life.1s
SurroundIt is served with a hearty "Yes Sir" and a gesture that speaks of a large beer gut. The presentation is creative, but the beer is ordinary.1s
BeerHops from Nithnamar, these types are available: nutty, hoppy, or high alcohol and semi-sweet.2s
Roasted ChickenIt is half a chicken, served hot with a ring of boiled potato wedges.1s
Meat PieIt is served hot. It is ordinary and round.1s


  • Gateways exist that make travel in Sesamar more efficient. Traveling through these gateways disturb either the Astral or Ethereal planes, which can draw the attention of beings there.
  • A major gateway is said to exist in Nithnamar and at other magical nexuses.
  • There are books that are thought to exist, but there whereabouts are unknown. Here are their names (by author) and the topics they are believed to cover:
    • Befnarlon, Olornen (elvish for "Dreamwater")
      * discusses the nature of wishes
      * beings that can grant wishes
      * types of wishes
      * the pitfalls of wishing
    • Chorman, Precious Portals
      * location of portals
      * how to use portals
      * how to create portals
      * how to hide/unhide portals
    • Elmeggon, Drawings
      * maps of Sesamar
      * layout of Soltarcus
      * layout of Gwentelith
      * layout of Rastilus
      * likely other important layouts and maps
    • Sihkeg, Book of Darkness
      * undead
      * negative material plane
      * lower planes
      * necromancy
  • A library in the Ruins of Hune exists. There are many valuable books that reside there but they are guarded by undead librarians, hordes of undead, and necromancers.