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Updated November 22nd, 2023 



The Loralans are aloof, long-living, and anchorites. Yet, their skill in battle and magic has been expertly released upon orcs and hobgoblins to their south. They have also been successful in nearly decimating ogre forces far south in the Eastern Lands, making use of secret mountain trails to get there. Ogres are often strategically used by orcs and hobgoblins in battle. Eliminating the heavy use of ogres has hindered orc and hobgoblin assaults on Poxmuth and Vullaria.

Loralanthalith, Eastern Lands

The grey elves of Loralanthalith are very secluded from humans and many times other non-elves. They have silver hair and amber eyes or pale golden hair and violet eyes. They live very long (from 1500 - 2000 years).

The grey elves of Loralanthalith are rarely concerned with the plights of men. They have a particular interest in protecting lings, gnomes, and Brightwood, however.

Loralanthalith only occasionally trades with Evandelith, but always trade with pixies, sprites, and other creatures of magical lore.

Loralanthalith is known for its magic-craft: books, scrolls, and magic items. It also has exquisite white marble. The marble is near impossible to obtain and very expensive to purchase. It also produces blown glass, chimes, silks, and parchments (some magical).

If you want to know more about grey elves, befriend an elf from Evandelith.