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Socioeconomics:Large Poor Class, Some Working Class, and Small Affluent
Ruling Body:Yet to Be Determined
Maps:Surrounding City
Rumors:See below

There is an impressive show of force at the tall iron gates of Joria. Guards are dressed uniformly in ring mail (red, black, and silver) with helmets, shields, and spears. However, they appear to do nothing as travelors enter and exist the city.

There is an impressive citadel, but otherwise the streets and buildings are dilapidated and few people are in them. Service is slow and care is negligible everywhere in the city.

neural love, cc0
Joria, Eastern Lands

Joria is a miserable city. It is barely able to protect itself from hobgoblin raids due to its failing defensive walls. Nevertheless, Jorian smugglers participate in slave trades and the movement of all things to the highest bidder. Jorians who live here feel stuck because the roads to Poxmouth are littered with human robbers and cutthroats, not to mention roving bands of hobgoblins. Joria will trade with anyone and anything. There are no rules in this town, except the strong survive. Politicians rather misappropriate funds than fix the crumbling infrastructure to protect its citizens from the hobgoblins. This is an evil city and it is home to evil characters.

Legal business here is based on mining to the south.

Joria is known for ore (gold, copper, silver, obsidian, iron), alabaster, limestone, dolostone, and grey marble. It is also known for scams, misdeeds, and carnage. It's so bad here, most of the thieves and assassins moved to Poxmuth.

Notable Barrs/Taverns/Inns: Destinknee (I), Cracked Skull (T) and What's Your Poison? (B).

Destinknee (Inn)
While it may or may not be destiny that brings travelers to this inn, it is actually fairly clean.

The inn is run by a huge half-orc, named Hlorkin. He has a tooth that slightly protrudes from his lip, which makes him look angry, but he could naturally be angry. ...all the time.

Here are the rooms it has available.

Rooms 1-10
These are tiny rooms. They contain a medium bed (it sleeps three), chests with blankets, and a chamber pot.1s pp
Rooms 1-5
These rooms are a bit larger than the Peasant rooms. They are large enough to hold a large bed (sleeps three), a large chest with blankets and a chamber pot.2s pp
Rooms 1-5
These rooms are larger than the Merchant rooms. There is a very large bed (sleeps three comfortably), a large chest with blankets, a chamber pot, and a desk.3s pp

This is the food and drink specialties it offers.

Menu Specialties
I Mead
The half-orc is at least consistent. It is a mead. Nothing special...1s
Cherry WineIt is made from local cherries. Surprisingly, it tastes good.2s
SoupIt is cooked. It has an unidentifiable meat. The smell is off. It can't be that bad because people are eating it, right?1s
Pigeon PieIt looks good. It smells good. ...but if they are saying it is pidgeon meat, then odds are it has to be rat meat.1s

Cracked Skull (Tavern)
Why is it anyone who is looking for a brawl in this town comes to this place? It could be the imagery of the establishment. It has a death motif. There are skulls all over the place. They are labeled. There are representatives of every race, too. There are elves, a lot of them. There are dwarves, humans, gnomes, and lings. There are gnolls, lizard men, and bugbear skulls, as well. There are a few heads that have been worked on by a professional. They are preserved fairly well, but they are hard to look at while one is eating.

This is the drink and food specialties it offers.

Menu Specialties
Ogre BloodThis is a very strong ale. Two of these too close together may cause a heart attack.1s
Hob'gor AleIt is a mutant ale, that is for sure. It is cloudy and some of it is more viscous than other parts. If someone intentionally tried to make this, it is pure insanity in a mug. The server must always serve this with a twisted smile, else it is free.1s
Chicken FingersThey are chicken coated with a crispy, salty unknown substance that is fried. If it is not made with chickens, then they are actual fingers. One of the two...1s
Witch's BrewThis is a soup that has a strange green color with weird floaties in it. It smells exactly how a soup should not smell. Make a constitution check to keep it down. As a bonus, it sold as 'all you can stomach.'1s

What's Your Poison (Bar)
This tavern is more subdued than the Cracked Skull tavern. The higher prices and a 2 sp cover charge keep out the brutes and the general riff-raff. If asked about the 2 sp cover charge, the doorman will say it is used to pay the musicians.

This is a calm place where thinking people come to ponder mighty thoughts, thieves find ways to liberate these thinkers from their goods, and assassins size up their future victims for weaknesses.

The tavern has a large space and tables are at the circumference of the room, all accept for the bar area. The central space is not occupied and everyone's eyes are constantly darting throughout the place looking at opposite ends of the room.

The decor is black. The walls and the front of the bar are all covered with black tapestries.

This is a list of the drink and food specialties it offers.

Menu Specialties
NightshadeThis is a strong black ale. It has a hot flavor component and the alcohol thrusts straight to the point.2s
JointlockIt is a sweet fruit wine made from berries. There is an intriguing, compelling aroma about it.2s
TorchswordThis mead is red and it contains strawberry pulp and an unknown spice. 2s
SilkwoodThis mead is made with a small amount of cream to give it a silky texture. It is earthy and tasty.2s


  • There are two assassin's guilds in the city: Shadowblade and Blackskull. They are competing for control of the city's dark economy.
  • An ogre population south of the Ogre Hills has a new batch of ogres. They have moved back to the Ogre Hills.
  • The Cracked Skull (see establishment above) has a bouncer that is an ogre, named Gargo. He's 9 feet tall and must weigh 600+ pounds.
  • Volcanic activity has been seen from Vulcanus. It is intermitently erupting.
  • Fire giants live near Vulcanus.
  • Fire giants have been seen at the Desolate Mountains, reported by fishermen.