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Updated June 22nd, 2024 


Howling Chasm, Eastern Lands, Google Gemini
Howling Chasm, Eastern Lands

The Howling Chasm (or the Great Chasm), runs roughly north and south along the eastern side of the Eastern Lands. However, the western side of the chasm is only accessible to the south, from Gnilderoth to the Hobgoblin Lands and to the Ogre Hills.

The wide expanse and unpredictably strong winds make crossing this canyon an impossibility. No flying creature dares attempt passing over it, no spell has successfully allowed its caster to bypass it. It is as perplexing as it is enormous.

The Howling Chasm isn't merely a canyon; it's a tear in the earth. Its sheer walls plunge for thousands of feet, its rocky surface etched by millennia of relentless piercing winds. A brutal symphony of nature plays out here, with bone-chilling winds howling through the chasm, their fury echoing off the unforgiving stone. These relentless gusts whip up sand and scree, swirling in a mesmerizing yet terrifying dance at the chasm's lip.

The very thought of traversing the Howling Chasm inspires dread. No bridge dares span its impossible breadth, and the treacherous slopes defy even the most seasoned climber. The chasm serves as an impassable barrier, a stark reminder of the raw power of nature and the folly of those who dare to challenge it.