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Updated April 7th, 2024 


Like Gnilderoth, this fortress is ancient and once a vibrant human-controlled city. It was conquered by evil forces ages ago. Where it once favored the good gods, Hob'goroth worships and gives sacrifice to pure evil.

The ornate crenellations and machicolations of Hob'goroth protect a slew of hobgoblins who occupy this castle and the surrounding area.

Hob'goroth, Eastern Lands

Hob'goroth (formerly Soltarcus) is an ancient city in the Eastern Lands, south of the Orc Lands, east in the Hobgoblin Lands, north of the Ogre Hills, and west of the HowlingChasm.

An unknown force guides a gaggle of hobgoblins that fester here. Hobgoblins alone could not manage a massive force in a city. Hobgoblins may make for battle-hardened leaders of goblins, but they are not city planners and grand scheme strategists.

Dark creatures who ride large bat-winged, toothed creatures have been seen flying in the Eastern Lands. So far, no cities have been attacked by any of these dreadful flying beasts.

Hobgoblins stand roughly 6 to 6 1/2 feet tall, weight 200 pounds, have a black (green, purple, grey hue variants), leathery hide, and black, wiry hair. They have yellow eyes with large black irises and no detectable pupils. Hobgoblins are strong, bold, and fearless. They accept a chain of command and can become skilled in combat, which makes them superb as a military force.