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Updated April 4th, 2024 


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These lands are flat, desolate except for the occasional hobgoblin post, lair, or town. There is nothing here but despair, human slaves, and evil-doing.

Raiders from these lands attack Joria for supplies and to gain slaves.

Hobgoblins are known to be good at warcraft and leadership in battle. This is why they may be seen leading goblins. They also have worked both for and against orcs. There is rivalry between orcs and hobgoblins, but they have common foes, like humans, elves, and dwarves.

There is a strong hobgoblin fortress, called Hob'goroth (formerly Soltarcus) in these lands. Like Gnilderoth, this fortress is ancient and once a vibrant human-controlled city. It was conquered by evil forces ages ago. Where Soltarcus once favored the good gods, Hob'goroth worships and gives sacrifice to pure evil.

It resides west of the Howling Chasm between Gnilderoth and the Ogre Hills.