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Updated April 11th, 2024 


Goblins are disgusting green-skinned creatures by all standards. They are short (about 3 to 4 feet tall), wirey, large ears, and have rows of sharp teeth. Goblin culture uses body odor as a means of pride and identification. So, like bugbears, they are often smelled before they are seen with a noteworthy pungent odor. While bugbears smell like feces, goblin odor is more akin to urine.

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Goblins live in the Eastern Lands east of Bulgous and northeast of Tolan. They are foul tempered, quick to react, and believe in safety in numbers. They are individually very weak, but their strength comes from sheer numbers. They like to fiddle with small things (like coins and locks) and they are fascinated with magic and magical items.

Regarding their numbers, they are usually led by a powerful force, like a team of hobgoblins, a cleric, necromancer, or such. They are too quick to degenerate to petty squabbling if left alone, especially if large numbers of goblins exist. According to reports by mountain dwarves, there are a large number of goblins in these lands.

Goblin tactics depend on their numbers in comparison to their enemy. When their numbers are several times their opposition, they will force an open attack. If their numbers are not great, they will use diversionary tactics, traps, lead attackers into tunnels to lower the effectiveness of their opposition.