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Updated March 12th, 2024 


Gnoll holding a whip, Google Gemini
Gnolls are half human and appear to be half hyena. They are roughly 7' tall and have a nasty disposition.

They like to fight in packs of at least five or at least enough numbers to overwhelm their opposition.

The Gnoll Caves is where these mutant humanoids live, but not much else is known about their living conditions. Gnolls are not sedentary, however. They prowl the lands looking for slaves and materials for their evil needs.

Gnoll holding a whip with a female slave, Google Gemini
Gnolls operate as pirates in the Sea of Fate, mainly toward the southwest. Gnoll pirates have been spotted as far north as the Gulf of Mora, which is terrifying to citizens of the Western Lands.

Gnolls cooperate with hobgoblins from Hob'goroth, reports have shown, but their interaction with lizard men is unknown.