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Updated April 7th, 2024 


Gnilderoth, Eastern Lands

Gnilderoth used to be a prosperous city named Gwentelith (elvish for City of Friendship). It was a place where elves and humans lived in harmony up to some time during the Age of Neltinus. Now it is a festering pile of reproducing orcs, like Hob'goroth is for hobgoblins.

This city is home to orcs and half-orcs. The half-orcs are the result of human slaves from Joria and Poxmuth. It is impossible to contain the lust of orcs when they smell an opportunity.

This once pround city was home to elf and human, but it is a dismal place where orcs dwell. It is said the stones have accumulated soot from the persistent crude smithy of weapons and armor.

No one dare go near this place, as it would result in certain death from a horde of orcs. However, orcs frequently travel from here to the Orc Lands, Dreadwood, and farther east to attack human settlements near Vullaria and Paksmuth. They also travel to Brightwood to cause mischief there with the woods and the elves. It rests west of the Howling Chasm.

The half-orcs may be smaller than their orc comrades, but what they lack in size they make up in intelligence. Half-orcs likely form the leadership of this city, but there may be a stronger and darker force guiding it.