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Updated June 21st, 2024 


Gnilderoth, Eastern Lands, Gwentelith
Gnilderoth, Eastern Lands

Gnilderoth used to be a prosperous city named Gwentelith (elvish for City of Friendship). It was a place where elves and humans lived in harmony up to some time during the Age of Neltinus. Now it is a festering pile of reproducing orcs, like Hob'goroth is for hobgoblins.

This city is home to orcs and half-orcs. The half-orcs are the result of human slaves from Joria and Poxmuth. It is impossible to contain the lust of orcs when they smell an opportunity.

Gnilderoth stands as a testament to the destructive power of conquest. Once a majestic city shared by elves and humans, it is now a desolate shell, choked by the oppressive grip of the orcs. The very stones weep soot, stained black by the relentless fires of crude forges that churn out brutal weapons and armor. An acrid stench hangs heavy in the air, a noxious blend of coal smoke and decay.

No sane soul ventures near Gnilderoth. It is a place of snarling savagery, where orcs revel in their bloodthirsty might. Yet, Gnilderoth serves as a launchpad for their barbarity. From here, they surge forth like a tide of violence, ravaging the Orc Lands, plunging the depths of Dreadwood into further chaos, and striking fear into the hearts of humans in Vullaria and Paksmuth. Even the vibrant forest of Brightwood isn't safe from their malicious raids, for the orcs take perverse pleasure in despoiling the elven woods. Gnilderoth, a name that once whispered of prosperity, now echoes with the clang of war and the promise of bloodshed. It casts a long shadow across the land, a chilling reminder of the price of weakness.

It rests west of the Howling Chasm.

The half-orcs may be smaller than their orc comrades, but what they lack in size they make up in intelligence. Half-orcs likely form the leadership of this city, but there may be a stronger and darker force guiding it.