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Updated May 22nd, 2024 


These vile beasts are an afront to the senses. Plainly said, they look weird. Their supernatural origins created a horrific creature that has a twisted skeleton, which must be painful to ambulate. They have absolutely no sanitation awareness; so, they can often be smelled before they are seen. Being near them is a constant risk for contracting infection or disease.

Bulgous, bugbear, Eastern Lands, Google Gemini
Bulgous, Eastern Lands

The area between Old Pokon and the Goblin Lands holds bugbears. These foul, taller version of goblins live partly above and below ground in this area. Their shanty, flee-ridden dwellings are foul. It's not like they believe in sanitation; so, the smell is atrocious -- so say the dwarf raiding parties that have gone there.

Bulgous is a gross tent city. It is said feces are thrown from tent entrances. Feces splash neighboring tents, line trails, and persist in most places frequented by these beasts.

Bugbears do frequently attack Tolan and sometimes team up with goblins in doing so.

While bugbears are stealthy, being downwind from one can easily give away their position.

The names "bugbear" and "bulgous" have different origins. One comes from lings and the other from the dwarves.

The lings speak of these grotesque creatures in tales. They tell children's stories of hideous, smelly creatures lurking in the night, scooping up those whom have wandered too far from their homes. Lings often use the expression bug to mean an ill-tempered spirit. Some tales surmise the bugbear (or large ill-tempered spirit) came into being as a result of telling these stories. This is why many lings today refuse to talk of or listen to stories related to bugbear out of fear the words would call forth such creatures.

Bulgous was a name given to the bugbears by the dwarves. It was an insult based on the fat, lazy, smelly nature of bugbears. The bugbears know it but wear it as a badge of foul honor. It is often used by dwarves to denigrate a person who is sloppy, poorly mannered, or ignorant.