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Socioeconomics:Working Class, Small Number Affluent
Ruling Body:Yet to Be Determined
Maps:Surrounding City
Rumors:See below

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Bolalius, Western Lands

Bolalius is a mountain city. It exists in a harsh climate, as winds from the north in combination with the high altitude create cold nights. However, Bolalius' main contribution to the area are its fighters. They are well-known for their ability, bravery, and outdoorsmanship.

This mountain city also serves as a signal to the region as it watches for giants to the north. While the city is located in the mountains, it has a series of posts to the west for that purpose. This means Bolalius also utilizes the homegrown talent from the area and trains rangers for these posts.

The climb to this city is quite a journey through coffee fields at lower elevations and apple orchards higher still. It is best left for a horse or at least a mule. Yet, the trek leads high up the mountains, where the daytime air is crisp and the nighttime air is bitter cold. The people here are extremely bold and hardy.

Members of this city must pull their weight, else be sent packing to Kornas. There is no room for slackers here.

It is known for its rangers, ore, Bolalian steel, animal husbandry, skins, woods, and precious metals. It grows apples, coffee, plants for tea, and many types of berries.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Bear Claw (T) and Burrralius! (I).

Bear Claw (T)
This tavern has several bear skins lining the walls. Black bear... Brown bear... There are claws, necklaces of teeth, and heads that decorate the place. This ode hangs on the entrance door:

The bear is a mighty beast
Come in and eat a feast
Beware the bear claw
Tis the natural law

The establishment is run by a former beaver trapper, named Jerus Pelthund, his wife Nelgti, and his son Forris.

Menu Specialties
Bear ClawThis is a bold, superior ale made from local apples. Three of these will make the drinker feel he/she was smacked by a bear.2s
Blue StreamThis red wine is made from blueberries. The taste is sweet and crisp.1s
Black StreamThis red wine is made from blackberries and apples. It makes for a balanced taste that is a local favorite.2s
Rabbit StewThe Pelthunds breed cottontail rabbits for this purpose. They are cooked in a medley of vegetables, parsnips, and mushrooms. It'll put a spring in your step, so they say.1s
SteakEither deer, elk, or moose, it is prepared with a copious number of garlic lobes, a bit of vinegar, and a potato loaded with diced onions and lots of butter. It is tender, delicious, and filling.2s

Burrralius! (I)
Despite the name, this inn is always toasty warm. Several fireplaces keep the place warmer than most places in Bolalius.

The spaces are simple, but cared for. The walls are lined with modest tapestries, which help insulate the place.

Rooms 1-10
These are small rooms. They contain a medium bed (sleeps two comfortably), chests with blankets, and a chamber pot.1s pp
Rooms 1-6
These rooms are twice the size of the standard rooms. They are large enough to hold a large bed (sleeps three comfortably), a large chest with blankets, a chamber pot, and a desk with parchment, ink, and pen.2s pp
Rooms 1-4
These rooms are larger than the deluxe rooms. There is a very large bed (sleeps four comfortably), a large chest with blankets, a chamber pot, and a desk with parchment, ink, and pen, and a fruit plate.3s pp

This is the food and drink specialties that it offers.

Menu Specialties
Golden MeadThis is a sweet honey mead with a dash of mace.1s
Dark AleThis ale has a hearty taste that is made with caraway.1s
WhitefishLocal fish from streams are cleaned and fried with onions are carrots.1s
Boar SausageMade with local herbs and spices and a blackberry wine, this is a local hearty favorite. Served with potato.1s
MuttonThis is a large cut of seared meat that is slow-cooked thereafter with onions, mushrooms, and local herbs and spices. It is a tender meal that is perfect after a tough job.2s


  • The giants to the north are gathering resources and planning a massive attack on Bolalius and Crystalhammer.
  • The rangers of Bolalius are training rocs to be riden as a military squad. Several trainers who have been trying to ride the rocs have been injured and killed.