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Socioeconomics:Working Class and Small Number Affluent
Ruling Body:Yet to Be Determined
Maps:Surrounding City
Rumors:See below

The city of lakes and streams... Gentle brooks, streams, and lakes surround this city, as do lemon and orange groves. Fishermen and farmers are the first people to be encountered here. They are a friendly people who welcome strangers, but there is an unmistaken tension with them. Their thoughts never stray far from the wall and what lies beyond it.

Astor, Western Lands, Blue Stone
Astor, Western Lands
Astorians are great fishermen and swimmers. This is due to the large lakes and many rivers and streams near the city. The large lake, Lake Morgan, also contains strange stones, rightly called Astors, which are usually light blue. The colors white, green, and red have been found, but are very rare.

Astor is menaced to the south by lizard men. Fortunately, the White Cliffs have formed a natural border from the sea. The cliffs stretch hundreds of miles. Also, the Wall of Castillon was built hundreds of years ago and it stretched from where the cliffs end westward to the White Water River. These obstacles make it difficult for the lizardmen to venture to the north.

Nevertheless, Astorians are trained to guard against these lizard intruders. They man the wall from four posts. It is with great preparation that Astorians have so far been able to defeat the lizardmen who scale the walls.

Sadly, small bands of lizard men have been known to carefully scale the walls and go undetected. These small parties of lizard men kill and abduct men for slavery and/or meat.

Astorians purchase Vilmerian steel for defensive purposes. They buy plate armor and anti-siege weapons.

Astor is known for gems, shale, slate, pig farms, fishermen, swimmers, beaver skin, fox skin, and manning the southern wall. It grows sweet potatoes, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, onions, leeks, fruits (orange, lemon), barley, and sunflower seeds.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Bluestone (T), Fishermen Only (T), and House Astor (I).

Bluestone (T)
The Bluestone may describe the color of the place, but not the mood. The tablecloths, drapes, everything has deep blue in it. ...with a tasteful splash of yellow.

The atmosphere is typically (and surprisingly) effervescent. Yet, the name of the tavern reflects the name of the owners, Madrik and Mary Bluestone. These blonde, happy-go-lucky owners are the proud parents of three beautiful teenaged daughters: Marjorie, Malia, and Maxina. They are all blue-eyed.

Mary offers readings. While she does not claim to have any special powers, she has a special deck of cards that she uses to do a (public) reading of the future. The locals love to see these readings, especially concerning strangers to Astor. Mary has a flair for the dramatic.

Menu Specialties
Merm AleThis is a robust ale made from seaweed and tarragon.5s
Lake NymphThis mead has a strong honey taste that is balanced with some indescribable flavor to soften it. It is as delicate as a gentle mermaid.6s
Maximum MuscleMussels are extracted and cooked with cream, marjoram, and pepper. Then, the pasty mix is placed back onto the shells and served with bread.8s
Crab CakesThis is a mix of crab, onion, mustard, and egg. It is breaded and pan-fried in butter. It is served as three large and delicious lumps along with corn either on or off the cob.1g
Bluestone ReadingFerra does a public reading using her deck of cards. The cards are intricate, painted, and durable.1s

Fishermen Only (T)
This establishment is full of fishing gear and sometimes gruff fishermen. They have hooks, line, reels, rods, bait, ... You name it if it involves catching fish. It also served affordable food and drink.

Menu Specialties
StonedFishermen are allowed to have humor. Well, a little. This mead packs an alcohol punch and it is made with local barley and lemons. So, it has a slightly fruity, but manly, finish.1s
The Big OneThis ale has a bold taste that is laden with a heavy orange zest that gives it a sour ending. I says, 'The big one got away.' It is served in a wooden mug that has a frown carved into it. This is a favorite ale to give to the guy who's tellin' a whopper of a story.1s
WhitefishLocal fish from Lake Morgan is cleaned and prepared here. It is impossible to have fish that is more fresh and tasty. Served with an expertly constructed lemon butter sauce.2s
Fishing GearAnything fishing related...--
RaftTwo people per raft. It is a structure of tied logs. It comes with a pole for pushing off the bottom.1s/day
Row BoatTwo people per boat. It is a rickety boat with two oars.2s/day
Sail Boat
Two people per boat, maximum. It has a single mast.1g/day
Sail Boat
Six people per boat, but a minimum of two are required. It has a single mast.5g/day

Items can be purchased in the tavern. Rentals can be made in the tavern or near Lake Morgan. Rentals require a deposit and all craft must be used exclusively only on Lake Morgan. The sailboats require a demonstration of mastery before being allowed to rent them. All craft have to be returned before dark.

House Astor (I)
This inn is constantly on the go. The inn is used mainly by fishermen and warriors who man the wall. Most of the rooms have no frills. It offers warmth and a place to rest.

Rooms 1-20
These are tiny rooms. They contain a medium bed (sleeps two comfortably), chests with blankets, and a chamber pot.2s pp
Rooms 1-5
These rooms are twice the size of the standard rooms. They are large enough to hold a large bed (sleeps three comfortably), a large chest with blankets, a chamber pot, and a desk with parchment, ink, and pen.5s pp
Rooms 1-5
These rooms are larger than the deluxe rooms. There is a very large bed (sleeps four comfortably), a large chest with blankets, a chamber pot, and a desk with parchment, ink, and pen, and a fruit plate.2g pp

This is the food and drink specialties that it offers.

Menu Specialties
Golden MeadThis is a sweet honey mead with a dash of mace.1s
Dark AleThis ale has a hearty taste that is made with caraway.1s
WhitefishLocal fish from Lake Morgan is cleaned and prepared here with a garlic and oil rub. It is impossible to have fish that is more fresh and tasty. Served with leeks and a boiled potato.1s
SausageThe choices are pork, beef, chicken, or mixed. It is a heavy dish served with a boiled potato.1s
Pork RoastThis slow roasted pork meat has a mild cherry sauce. It is served with vegetables and a baked potato.2s


  • In the Great Forest, a vicious clan of druids practices human sacrifices. Its mission is to call upon a serpent god, named Calix, to bring down the wall. The druids of this clan wish the lizard scourge to enslave and eat all humans, who are said to be responsible for the chaos of this era.
  • The uncommon yellow stones of Astor hold the souls of magical beings who grant wishes.
  • Giant gar can be found in the nearby lakes. These gar are attracted to youth who swim naked. Some people think these gar were once human and have been transformed into their current state; yet, they hold a vendetta against the people of Astor.
  • There are lizard men shamen who can pass through the wall. Under cloak of darkness, they go unseen by the sentries. They come looking for humans to eat and enslave.
  • South of the Wall of Castillon, south of Rastilus, a vast lizard wasteland exists under the control of lizard men. Humans are captured and sent to this area to work as slaves or to breed.