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Updated April 3rd, 2023 



This is an edited image from SuBash at toriko fan fiction wiki.

Rastilus used to be a vibrant city. As legend goes, the city deteriorated because its inhabitants became depraved. They degenerated due to pleasures of the flesh.

It feuded with Astor because Astor was vibrant. Rastilians were easily defeated because they were slaves of hedonism. Yet, Rastilians would not give up. To prevent unnecessary bloodshed, Astorians built a wall to stop the assaults.

Left to its own vices, Rastilians were unable to stop a new threat, which were a subterranean lizard people. The legend says the Rastilians were consumed by the lizard people. Now, the ruins of Rastilus are home to these dreadful lizard people. Some people think the lizard people of Rastilus are ruled by a lizard god who has no arms and no legs.