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There are hundreds of this chain of islands that reside north in the Sea of Fate. Some islands are very small, some large. Some islands are not habitable and other islands are well populated.

The inhabitants of the islands worship the Pantheon of Zeus. They speak their own island tongue, but most business people can communicate crudely or better in the common tongue.

Here are some key islands:



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This is island is far north at the northwest part of the island chain. Different from all the other chain islands, these inhabitants are barbarians (blue flag). This simple village specializes in fishing and scouting for giants.

The clan is a hardy clan. It has to because it often sends expeditions to the north. It does not look for conflict, but it does want to know when giants are moving.

It is not hostile to traders and travelers, but they are not always generous and hospitable.


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This "white fortress" rests far west in the chain of islands, 50 miles from the coast. As the name implies, it is an offshore defense from possible invaders.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Aspropapia ("White Duck") (T), Apomonosi ("Reclusion") (I).


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This island's central thrust is to a) worship the gods of the Pantheon of Zeus and b) train female clerics within the foundation of old-world philosophy. The name means "honor god." Timitheos has exemplary results with its training regimen.

To prevent distraction, all of the leadership and service personnel are female. This religious cite is heavily protected by female paladins from Kornas.

The island is roughly 10 miles from shore far west and south in the chain of islands.



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This island is the geographical and economic center for commerce and government for the entire island chain. The name of the island means "sustenance." This is a fitting name because the policies it enacts (law, trade, taxation, ...) affect how the entire island chain performs.

This island is the most opulent of all the islands in the chain. It has outdoor and indoor performance areas for plays and musicians.

This island is known for banking and pawnbroking. There are no official shops for bartering, but people do it on an individual basis.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Chryso kai Asimi ("Gold and Silver") (T), Peraste Ligo Chrono ("Spend Some Time") (I).


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This island is 50 miles west of Trofi. It lies slightly north of the band of islands. The name of the island literally means "rock." This is a very large, hilly mountain. Its largest mountain is called Mount Olympus.

This is a mainly a fortification that has great walls (40 feet) atop a jagged cliff 30 feet in height.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Grothia ("Fist") (T), Pandocheio ("Inn") (I).


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The name of this island means "swordfish." This island mainly specializes in fishing. It gets swordfish, lavraki, basking shark, oysters, mussels, and tuna. It is located about 40 miles northeast of Trofi, toward the north of the band of islands.

This village focuses on its boats, lines, and nets. The structures are poorly managed.


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Its name means "wind." This is a fitting name for the island because it captures the winds for its southern positioned windmills. However, this is actually a cluster of islands that focus on farming. Anemos is approximately 50 miles southwest of Trofi.

The windy weather has not always been the conditions of these islands. It is believed the cyclonic activity in the air and water to the immediate south in the Sea of Fate is the cause. This is why clerics of Timitheos make a pilgrimage to Anemos once a year.

It produces wheat, hulled barley, millet (in areas with greater rainfall) . Chickpeas, grapes, and lentils are grown. Fruit (apples, pears, pomegranates), vegetables (cucumbers, onions, garlic), and nuts (almonds and walnuts) are grown.


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The name means "mermaid." It rests 60 miles southeast of Trofi and it has been said the island is frequented by mermaids.

The trade at Gorgona is extremely good. It is attributed to the superior positioning in the island chain, appropriate policies of Trofi, and the presence of royal ships from Kornas.

This island is southeast from the center of the chain of islands.



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This island is named after the goddess of fertility. It was named so because 1) the large tracks of land are bountiful and 2) the native women of this island are extremely attractive. Heridotinos, the modern poet of Trofi, once said all the women of the chain of islands are like flowers in a dessert -- epithymo. The full translation means he desires them all equally.

This large island focuses on farming grapes, olives, and grain. It grows hops (originating from Xon) and is the only land in the non-East to do so!

This island is abundant with a flower that blooms from May to June. It stands a foot high and the flowers are pink. The islanders call it cheilia or "lips." The plant is sought after. People make it into tea, create what they believe to be love potions, or introduce it to wine to give it a refreshing bouquet. The hysteria around this plant makes this island a frequent destination by non-islanders, which causes fathers to keep close eyes on their daughters during this time of year.

The tops of hills are littered with wooden windmills. The daughters of farmers take the grain up to the windmills to grind the grain to flour. The island rests 50 miles from the Eastern shore.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Omorfia ("Beauty") (I), which resides far from the farms and farmer's daughters.


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The waters of Pasithea are very calm, as is the entire island life here. The island is named after one of the Graces - the grace of relaxation.

This island is 20 miles north of Aphrodite. It rests about 40 miles off the Eastern shore.

This is mainly a fishing island, but there is a heavy element of art and education. The natural calmness of the island has been magnetic to painters, sculptors, fine potters, and philosophers. The island has several notable schools for the arts.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Iremia ("Serenity") (T) and Ypervolikos ("Extravogant") (I).


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This land mass is far east and south in the island chain and conveniently 10 miles from shore. The name was actually derived from an ancient island dialect, meaning "many hands in the fire." Heridotinos, the modern poet of Trofi, made a play by the same name. Several morally compromised characters all conducted business together at each other's expense. The story ultimately deteriorated to extortion, violence, and finally death.

Many of cities and islands do not trade directly with Poxmuth and Joria. Through intermediaries (opportunists), legal trade of supplies and services occurs here, as a result of such embargos. Consequently, some shady characters come to this island to make interesting (complicated) deals.

Dealmakers need establishments to make deals. Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Tora ("Now") (T) and Emporio Oneiron ("Dream Trade") (I).