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Updated April 3rd, 2023 



This is an edited image from EvilBish at wikipedia.

Courtesy Neural Love.
The Great Forest is immense. It is home to many animals, like black bear, grizzly bear, white deer, wolf, fox, birds, racoon, beaver, ... It contains several species of trees. There are sought after flowers, fungi, molds. plants, herbs, and spices that readily grow here.

It is said that the forest is magical and contains magical creatures, like treants, dryads, nymphs, and more. There are several groves of druids, too. These druids have been known to operate and enforce their own nature-centered rules. This is the main reason why travelers stick to well-traveled roads, as druids tend to meander deep within The Great Forest. Never mess around with druids when they are on their home turf.

The good news is, druids usually leave hints of their presence. Wood carvings, stone henges, or sacrificial alters are signs druids are near.