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Updated March 25th, 2023 



This is an edited image from Glitchee123z at rp freedom wiki.

This dense wooded zone has tall, wide trees that at times form a tight canopy. Much of the sunlight is blocked from falling on the forest floor. At even a few yards underneath the thick canopy reveals a smell of rotting meat. It is caused by an excess of fungus. Farther into the forest, travelers will come upon an abundance of peat moss that gives off the smell of sulfur.

The forest is known to be home to aggressive insects, like biting flies and stinging mosquitoes. It is said to contain giant spiders, too. It is likely that there are orc outposts within or on the border of Dreadwood. Orcs still rob the area of wood to make their shanty towns.

Dreadwood goes from the cities of Poxmuth and Vullaria to the west, the City of Gnilderoth to the east, Brightwood to the north, and Orc Lands to the south.