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Updated April 3rd, 2023 



This is an edited image from Gryphyx at oustomia wikia.

These humans are hearty barbarians. While their city is Crystalhammer, barbarians have settled as far north as Bolalius (northeast and at the coast) and south at Astor (east near the White Cliffs). These tribes have no conflicts with non-barbarians. In fact, Crystalhammer is a regionally respected city because it stands as defense against northern giants.

The flags of barbarians all have a hawk, but the colors differ for each tribe. At Crystalhammer, the color is red. Near Bolalius the color is blue. At the White Cliffs the color is white.

Barbarians despise magic. They believe magic is the cause of human strife. Consequently, they will not go near Nithnamar and anyone who uses magic or magical items will be highly scrutinized.

Every expedition must have a hornbearer. It is winded according to a set of signals that can designate a variety of needs: need for assistance, impending attack to a town, giants near, giants approaching, ...