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Updated April 3rd, 2023 



This is an edited image from Nicholas A. Tonelli at wikipedia.

Brightwood is said to be a place where mystical forest creatures live. It is not truly known how these forest creatures will react to travelers. It is also a safe bet that elves patrol it to ensure no evil creatures will harm Brightwood.

Representatives from Hybithnius are always eager to accept samples of the flora and fauna from Brightwood.

It is a huge forest that stretches between Evandelith to the west to Loralanthalith to the east. To its north can be found the happy fields of lings (Maywood and Harrow). To its south rests the rotting vegetation of Dreadwood.

Brightwood used to have larger borders. It used to extend much farther south, to the Ogre Lands! Deforestation from orcs, ogres, and hobgoblins have decimated many areas. In the case of Dreadwood, it is a decaying incarnation of despair.

The elves (and representatives of Hybithnius) wish to restore Brightwood to its once glory.